Because dogs are not just a mans best friend…….

The Frank bomber

Frank was the love of my life… a Norfolk terrier with serious attitude and a taste for adventure. He decided he wanted to be a working dog at the age of 7 and started retrieving game.  My little dude.

The Rupert shirt

Rupert was was my dad’s favourite dog. He was big and sturdy and had the softest ears, like silky suede.  He was the best companion and wonderfully cuddly, a gentle giant.

The Alfie shirt

Alfie is the newest member of the Percy household. Full of energy and very playful, always the first to leap onto the bed in the morning for a game.  He is skinny and velvety like the shirt.

The Stanley jumper

Stan was my little brother’s first dog, ‘Stan the man’ was the best looking spaniel around and grandfather to Alfie. He had the classic spaniel stamina and never stopped working his hardest until the job was done.  Happy and hyperactive, desperate to please and a real smiler, when he wagged his tail his whole body would wiggle from side to side.