Bryony Daniels – Mistamina’s December Action Girl

December’s action girl is Bryony Daniels. Bryony is a producer, stylist and private PA and spends any spare moment, come rain or shine, pursuing her main passion of stalking deer in the highlands. Bryony caught her first salmon at the impressive age of three years old and is known on Instagram as ‘the huntress’.

Service station challenge: If you were hungover and stuck on the M1, which fizzy drink, one snack and chocolate bar would you choose?

Ginger beer, Salt & Vinegar flavoured Squares (& controversially no chocolate!) instead I would choose Clarnico mint creams by Bassetts. They remind me of car journeys as a child & the mint will shake me out of my hangover!

Favourite cocktail?

A Sloegasm (has to be from a metal cup on the banks of the river or loch!) The perfect recipe is homemade sloe gin, a tot of Cherry brandy topped with Pol Roger Champagne.

Who would play you in the story of your life?

This one’s hard! Meryl Streep… (see below! Imagination lacking here!)

Favourite film?

Out of Africa (both my parents were born in Africa), I’m an old film kind of a girl.

Your greatest love?

The Highlands of Scotland

Top of your bucket list?

To ride through the Rose City in the High Desert of Jordan on either horseback or Camel. I adore the Middle East & have spent a lot of time in Oman but am yet to make it to Petra.

Favourite song?

‘Here Comes the Sun’ My brothers & I play it on our record player at top volume the moment we arrive in The Highlands – without fail. It holds such happy memories with so many of our friends. It’s a serious family tradition

Party trick?

I have picked up a postage stamp from the floor, using only my teeth not using my hands. I’m a master of the cereal packet game, definitely due to too many evenings in the lodge!

Dream dinner party guests

My grandparents (you can never have enough time with them), Wilfred Thesiger, Rudyard Kipling, Isabella Blow, Cecil Beaton, Cole Porter and a couple of friends including Rose Bethell and Martha Sitwell – along with my future husband – I think it’s about time we met!

Describe yourself in three words?

Loyal, creative and happiest on a horse lost out on an adventure in the countryside or dressing up for something fun surrounded by friends. (Not good at maths – damn still four words!!)

Who’s your style icon?

I don’t really have one – but I do love wearing both my parent’s wardrobes. My fathers from the military & my mothers through the years… mostly tweeds, boots, coats and dresses. I love clothes with a history both for purpose and for fun. I also LOVE a cape…