INTRODUCING Action GIRLS Neely and Chloe Burch

We catch up with Neely and Chloe Burch, founders of their eponymous handbag and footwear brand Neely and Chloe.

Gas station challenge: If you were hungover and being driven on the highway, which soda, snack and candy bar would you choose?

Neely: I think a water, cheese puffs and milk duds (and gummy bears).
Chloe: Wow, LOVE this question! Diet Ginger ale, Chex Mix and Butterfingers or Snickers. I’m a chocolate gal ALL the way.

Favourite cocktail?

N: Anything with egg whites! My latest favourite is a cucumber, mezcal, Cointreau and egg white – like a mezcal margarita with a little bit of foam.
C: Honey Deuce – It’s the famous drink from the U.S. Open. You can find the recipe here

Who would play you in the story of your life?

N: Hmmm maybe Emma Watson (if only!!)
C: If I’m being generous… Reese Witherspoon

Favourite film?

N: The Big Short
C: The Greatest Showman

What is your greatest love?

N: Traveling (and my puppy Winnie)
C: Sweets (any and all kinds) and Fitness (big stress reliever for me)

What is top of your bucket list?

N: Learning to fly an airplane
C: Travel to the Grand Canyon

What is your favourite song?

N: Right now, Nice to Meet Ya, Niall Horan
C: Her Majesty by Zac Brown Band

What’s your party trick?

N: Making a great cocktail
C: A good old Irish Exit

Who would be your four dream dinner party guests?

N: Tom Hanks, Michelle Obama, F Scott Fitzgerald, and a young Queen Elizabeth (and also my mom because she is the best host/co-host out there).
C: Hugh Jackman, Ralph Lauren, Jackie O, Coco Chanel

Describe yourself in three words?

N: Open, adventurous, ambitious
C: Kind, empathetic, determined

Who is your style icon?

N: Can it be a man?? I have been lusting after Peter Beard’s vibes lately
C: Lupita Nyong’o at any sort of black-tie event – remember that light blue Prada dress she wore? Doesn’t get chic-er

© Kirsten Francis @kirstenrfrancis

© Kirsten Francis @kirstenrfrancis