INTRODUCING November’s Action girl:
Lucie Boedts-kuehnle

November’s action girl is founder of The Ladies Macnab Club, Lucie Boedts-Kuehnle. Known for promoting a sustainable and ecological lifestyle, Lucie gives us an insight into her life by revealing her dream dinner party guests and her favourite film.

Yuri Janssen@filmandflyguy
Fun facts about yourself?

I’m Brussels-born and living in 4 different countries (Scotland, Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium). I’m in love with all things wild and British, I can get easily bored so I created the Ladies Macnab Club in London to entertain really wild ladies!

Service station challenge: If you were hungover and stuck on the M1, which fizzy drink, one snack and chocolate bar would you choose?

I’d choose sparkling water unless I had my zero-waste bottle with me to avoid single use plastic. Raw and organic (if possible Belgian) chocolate bar with some sustainable almond nuts. Very innocent and ethical choices … to recover from a wild night!

Favourite cocktail?

Gin & Tonic

Who would play you in the story of your life?

Meryl Streep

Favourite film?

Out of Africa

Your greatest love?

My husband Florian, my son George and my lovely daughters, Lily-Rose & Florence.
Along with fly fishing for Tiger fish on the Okavango under the African sun, being watched by crocodiles!

Top of your bucket list?

Achieving the MacAfrican and/or MacArgentinian

Favourite song?

Go to the River by Yael Naïm

How do you start a party?

Stilettos, nice earrings to smart up any day outfit and great party music to get in the mood for the wildest dance floor!

Dream Dinner Party Guests?

Any of our Ladies Macnab Club’s Hottest Gentlemen in the field selection, all the lovely ladies who joined the Ladies Macnab Club’s events and of course, sassy fieldsports icon Lady Melissa Percy!

Describe yourself in three words?

Unpredictable, instinctive, minimalistic.

Who’s your style icon?

Kate Moss… or the Duchess of Sussex, she looks perfect at any informal or formal occasion and I love her ethical and sustainable fashion choices!

Yuri Janssen@filmandflyguy
Yuri Janssen@filmandflyguy
Yuri Janssen@filmandflyguy