October’s Action Girl is hunting extraordinaire Rachel Carrie. Renowned as a skilled hunter and for her love of fieldsports, Rachel is an advocate of the healthy, outdoor lifestyle. Rachel gives us an insight to her life by revealing her party tricks and favourite cocktails!

Fun facts about yourself?

I grew up on a scrap yard! I also have a French bulldog named Bunny.

Service station challenge: If you were hungover and stuck on the M1, which fizzy drink, one snack and chocolate bar would you choose?

Berocca (that’s fizzy right?)
KFC (guilty pleasure we all do it!)
Dime bar

Favourite cocktail?


Who would play you in the story of your life?

Melissa McCarthy.

Favourite film?

My favourite film of all time is Legends of the Fall, a close second is The Revenant.

Your greatest love?

Wilderness Hunting!

Top of your bucket list?

It was the Cape Buffalo hunt I took part in earlier in the year! I’m working down my bucket list rather than up it.

Favourite song?

Pour some sugar on me – Deff Leppard

Party trick?

Dancing! I used to dance in every style imaginable, even classical ballet! So if I’m brave or drunk enough I might offer a little freestyle performance or break out the splits!

Describe yourself in three words?

Boystrous, sweary, strong.

Who’s your style icon?

Myself!  I like to be different, which in shooting can be hard as it’s such a small world with a small offering of ladies wear. I love to experiment, I tend to re- invent my style a lot, sometimes I get it very wrong but sometimes I feel I get it spot on.