If you’ve been eagled eyed over the past few months, you might have seen a selection of our jumpers (and Missy herself!) across both UK and US magazine pages. We wanted to share just a few of our favorite inclusions with you, and let you know how to view them for yourselves…

The Field: Sporting Diana

One of the UK’s foremost country sporting titles, The Field is for all those who dedicate their time outdoors to hunting, shooting, and fishing, and love every minute of it. Missy has been featured as one of their ‘Sporting Dianas’ aka a seriously sporting lady. In the article, Missy talks all things fieldsports, growing up in Northumberland and of course, Mistamina.

Read the full article here

Albany Living

We were delighted to be featured in the most recent issue of Albany Living magazine, which highlights the amazing people, places and things that make up each unique county. Missy says, “Southwest Georgia is a truly special place, and this is a truly special way of life.”

Previous issues of the magazine can be read here

YOU Magazine

The Hector Jumper was recently featured in YOU Magazine’s ‘Country Cool’ clothing edit. We were delighted to be included in the issue, which celebrated VE day in the UK. To shop the Hector Jumper for yourself, please click here.

Country & Town House

Country & Town House celebrates the best of British living and luxury, covering the finest houses, interiors, arts and events, food and travel, fashion and style, which is why we were thrilled to see the Alexa Jumper included in their online country style guide.

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