Rachel Carrie On Pheasant & Fashion

Hunting has been part of Rachel Carrie’s family for many years. She first began shooting at just 10 years old, when she used to join her father on the hunt for meat for her mother’s game stew pots. She has hunted all over the world and has an incredible knowledge about all things in the field.

With pheasant shooting season now in full swing, Rachel answered some of our questions on all thing’s pheasants and fashion!

Your personal tips for shooting pheasants?

My tips and advice for anyone starting out is to have lessons.  Practise before heading out to shoot live quarry. I think above all, as well as safety its respectful to your quarry to know you are competent. I guess the same would apply to seasoned game shots – make sure you get some practise out of season, I’m guilty of this myself now! Since I don’t shoot competitively anymore, I found myself a little rustier than usual this season and that’s definitely down to lack of shooting off season.

Any Pheasant recipes you enjoy making the most? 

I love pheasant Fajita bake – the recipe will be in my cook book which is due to be published early next year!

Seasonal styling tips?

Break the rules! While it goes without saying to wear practical clothing when braving the elements in the field, don’t be afraid to bring your own style to the shoot day. It’s nice to wear full tweeds, it’s also nice to mix it up a bit by adding accessorises. I change up my tweed patterns and even mix some high street fashion in too, so long as you have a warm and waterproof layer on top, it is nice to feel good about what you’re wearing, shooting is a social event after all!